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Better Business Bureau

Posted on April 25, 2015 at 9:32 AM Comments comments (92)
Click for the BBB Business Review of this Heating & Air Conditioning in Hoover AL
We have made the list !!! Please take a moment to review us if you are a client and please become one if you are in our area!!!

High Efficiency Furnace

Posted on February 17, 2015 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (66)
Is it time to upgrade your furnace? Did you know that we replaced a twenty year old furnace with a new 96 per cent efficiency furnace. The old furnace had to be condemned because the heat exchanger was bad. It was first noticed when there was a flame roll out and the flame was yellowish insted of solid blue.

A 96 per cent efficiency means that 96 cents of every dollar of energy gets used instead of sometimes as low as sixty cents. The unit used pvc for the exhaust vent!!! Water is a byproduct of combustion and hot exhaust usually makes it to evaporate outside. The exhaust on these units is so cool that the water condenses and must be drained off. We know how to install these and can put in the fanciest thermostat you have ever seen. Call set up and appointment today and be comfortable year round. Click here  

Your Ductwork May Be Costing You Hundreds

Posted on February 9, 2015 at 10:13 AM Comments comments (51)
Large duct leaks like this waste energy, cause indoor air quality and comfort problems. Most electric power companies have energy efficiency programs to help eliminate this waste of energy. North Carolina's 2012 NC Building Code requires that all duct systems be sealed and pressure tested.
Researchers at the Florida Solar Energy Center found that sealing ductwork in existing homes cut cooling bills by about a third!
Sealing duct leaks with RCD Mastic saves energy.

From RCD Corporation, products available through BOJIFFY

This weekend we were asked to address the leakage in a homeowner's ductwork. What we found were several very large openings such as in the picture above. We sealed the gaps which were in the main supply and return ducts. My thought is that sometimes units are replaced in the hot summer in attics that are almost unbearable and the technicians are trying to get out before they pass out. This had not been our install and it seems the original guy was unavailable(last day of deer hunting maybe.
What a change in this homeowner's utility bill is coming up!!! We can seal your ducts!!! call 205-215-0553

Its too cold in my house and my heat pump runs all the time.

Posted on February 6, 2015 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (84)
When it is cold outside and your heat pump is not heating, and you can tell because you set your thermostat at 70 and it will only get to 67 or less, you might have reached a heat loss rate that the heat pump by itself cannot overcome. That is normal at very cold temperatures and that is why people have auxiliary heat in the form of electric heat strips or a gas furnace.
But maybe yours is not "kicking in".
I have found that a lot of folks think you cannot have auxiliary heat and that you can just remember to switch to emergency heat. DUHHHHH Others jump the E and the W2 on the thermostat.
If you are too cold, Call me. I have fixed lots of these. Until then try emergency heat
note: some units have an outdoor temperature sensor the tells the unit to disengage and have the furnace take over if it is below a certain temperature. This needs to be set at a level above the break point temperature.
The picture above is Bojiffy pulling up to repair your unit!

Bo Knows Furnace Blowers

Posted on January 21, 2015 at 11:47 AM Comments comments (50)
Do not try this dyi this is absolutely a professional job. There are many safety considerations for working on gas furnaces!

Blower Motors again! I love working on furnaces! It is not always the same problem.

Case: Homeowner smelled burning and then no heat. They used a space heater to get by. It was very cold.

 I went under the house to check and this is what I found: The furnace board was blinking to indicate a limit switch activation. I opened door and but manually pushed the door switch to restart the unit blower motor only hummed I checked the Capacitor with my multi-meter to see if it was good It was rated 7.5 mfd and read a little more than that. It was OK.

Next I checked the blower motor itself. Wow! it was burning hot and loose inside its bracket. That was the problem I had to remove the furnace board, then slide the blower out The unfasten all of the wires Then drag it 25 ft to the outside of the house. (on my hands and knees-that's why they call it a crawl space!) I carried it out to my truck and located the blower motor I had in stock. That saved me a trip!.I removed the bracket screws that held the motor inside the squirrel cage and then removed the nut that attached the motor to the fan wheel. I then reassembled the blower and this time I put it in the correct bracket and the motor did not move around like it had been. Now back under the house and crawl 25 ft to the furnace. I slid the blower back in place and rewired it correctly this time (the wires were wrong before) by stripping the ends and using new end nuts. I tested it and put the cover back on and taped some of the duct work back in place. 

The furnace is working great and everyone is happy and I made a new friend!!! This one was $350

Call today 205-215-0553

Get a Cheap Wiring Fix and Enjoy Your Winter

Posted on January 13, 2015 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (38)
I've been looking at a lot of dual fuel heat pumps and I'll have to say that the configurations are a puzzle to a lot of us. First of all, you're dealing with a heat pump. That means that the same unit is used for heating and cooling. You have a reversing valve that makes it like turning a window ac unit around and blowing the hot exhaust into the house to heat it. A clever idea and very efficient.

Q;Why does my heat pump have ice and periodically make groaning sounds?

A:: Not only groaning sounds, but the outdoor unit fan stops and the ice thaws. This is a normal occurence because the condensed moisture on the outside unit needs thawing for the heat pump to work.Steam happens.

Q:My air supply blows cold while the outside unit is in this defrost cycle. Is that normal?

A:Your wiring may be wrong Your auxiliary heat should be compensating for the unit going into cooling mode(reversing)by heating the inside air.

Q: My Heat Pump has an outdoor sensor that is set to lock out the heat pump below 40 degrees and only use the furnace. Why is that? 

A; At a certain point, Heat pumps become less efficient and also the icing and defrosting  is not appealing to some.
Here are two ways of setting up dual fuel heat pumps
1. In the restricted mode of operation an outdoor
temperature sensor is used to cause the unit to operate in the
heat pump mode above a selected outdoor temperature and to
operate in the gas heating mode below the selected outdoor
temperature. The gas heat will operate with the heat pump when
the unit requires a defrost cycle. The gas heat is used to offset
the effect of the unit going into the cooling mode during defrost.
 The unit will be commanded to transition to
gas heat even when the outdoor temperature is above the
selected outdoor temperature changeover point if the heat
pump capacity is not enough to maintain the indoor temperature
at the desired heating setpoint.

2. A non-restricted mode of operation allows the unit to
operate in the heat pump mode during the first or second call, or
stage, of heat commanded by the indoor thermostat. During the
first stage of heat pump mode the heat pump will operate on low
speed. During the second stage, the heat pump will operate on
high speed. If the heat pump capacity is sufficient, gas heat will
not be required. If the heat pump capacity is not enough to
maintain the indoor temperature at the desired heating setpoint,
the thermostat will call for the third stage of heat. At that point,
the gas heat will begin to operate and the heat pump will be
locked out. As in the restricted mode, the gas heat will act as
supplementary heat during the unit’s defrost cycle.

If the outdoor sensor is set high enough, the heat pump would not need the defrost cycle but efficieny would be lost.

If your heat pump is not using auxiliary heat to compensate for  the defrost cyle (blowing cold air) or the emergency heat will no coming on, you might have a simple and cheap to fix wiring situation. I have seen systems that had NEVER used their furnaces and noticed the problem when it got so cold. If your unit is a block of ice....

Call Bojiffy at 215-0553 make an appointment today!!!

Those are Gas Logs

Posted on November 21, 2014 at 7:54 PM Comments comments (73)
Ok, I've got gas logs myself. There was a manual I could download from the model information. It told me how to service the unit and how it was supposed to work. I had a switch to the side of my bookshelf that activated the logs. There was a mechanical igniter that was used to create a spark,.I had to turn on the gas and light the pilot light. The flame sensor told the gas valve to stay open if there was a flame. The logs came on and created lots of heat, but the co detectors went off. Once the logs burned off the dust and particles, they did not set off the alarms. The logs look great and I really like having them for a heat back up. If you need some pointers call or email me.

Selling a house with a new heat pump or a/c

Posted on October 6, 2014 at 6:19 PM Comments comments (164)
Looking back on my life's decisions, I will have to say that purchasing repos and reselling them was one of my most interesting experiences. I learned a lot. Some folks think a kitchen sells the house, and it does. Some say that the bathroom sells the house, or the staging of the living room. But I can say that a new a/c or heat pump will make the sale easier, quicker and you will feel better when you see the owners months later. Whether they say it and whether they know it, everyone wants their a/c and furnace to work and they often buy a home warranty to insure it. Remember, most new units have their own warranties!

What is going on with this furnace?

Posted on October 6, 2014 at 6:06 PM Comments comments (62)
We have had some pleasant weather in Birmingham and I have finally got some time to write. I hope you all had a nice pleasant summer. I know many are suffering in this economy and I wish I could help more. I can give a good price and I can patch them up when we need to.

This weekend we installed a new system and I took the old unit to scrap heaven. But before I took it, I met with my number one scrap son and EPA certified R.N. David. Well, we took this old furnace apart screw by screw and talked about every single wire, part, and screw. What a complicated engineering piece a furnace is!!!  We soon came to the conclusion that repairing some of these units would really be a waste of money because when you fixed one part, another could be ready for the bone yard.
The new unit the client selected was a two stage furnace and was purported to be very energy efficient. Gas can be efficient!! But the new shiny outside unit was a marvel with a scroll compressor and that new refrigerant that is mandated in order to save the universe. It was so pretty that if I had put one in for myself, I would be inviting the neighbors and friends to look at it as if it were one of those new BMW's. But the best thing is that it was sized right and will heat and cool and no one will ever think about it again. Set the thermostat and let it go.
These units my folks are getting have ten year warranties on most everything. This one had a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger! 
You might ask about the details. The investment for this five ton unit was less than five thousand dollars. I think if you add up the electricity and fuel savings plus the repair bills, plus adding pounds of refrigerant at fifty to one hundred dollars a pound like I hear about, it is an easy decision to replace.

Busy Summer

Posted on September 7, 2014 at 5:13 PM Comments comments (270)
This summer has been very busy.Many people are replacing their ac's and heat pumps and we are winning most deals in competition. We have installed mostly Lennox, and also Rheem, American Standard, Goodman and Thermozone. Last week we put in two new  American Standard Heat Pumps in one day!!! Thank you my many clients, please be sure to tell your friends how much money you saved and the great quality. If your air conditioner is iffy, call BOJIFFY.